Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ibiza, Sperm Whales 03/09

I said sometime ago that I would return to my Ibiza trip in March, and I felt that it was a good time on a gloomy December day to look back at the incredible sight that we had, while sitting waiting to watch a stunning sunset.

This gives an indication of how high we were, above the sea level on a cliff overlooking the sea towards Spain.  Probably the clearest sky I have ever seen in Ibiza, and the sunsets at the best of times are pretty spectacular there.

 I love the terrain here and the natural bonsai pines growing out of the rocks are an inspiration to me.

It was at this point in time while looking out to see and waiting for the sunset, that I looked down at the sea and saw:

I hope you can see this.  It was a long way down to the sea!

We found out later that Sperm Whales had been seen around the island.  We saw about three Whales in the pod, we think.  But it was certainly the end to a perfect day.

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