Saturday, October 31, 2009

Photo Time - September 2008

Photo of metal man, sea and dog. Anthony Gormley statues Crosby, Liverpool

Commercial property London WC1 - Courtyard Garden

2008. This area was added to the add value to a commercial space in central London in order to attract possible tenants by using an open well area at the rear of the property.  The area is a basement area and generally dark so lighting and the use of shade tolerant planting was required.  The planters were all glass fibre and are meant are laid out to shiled the rear mounted wall uplighters and to screen the existing AC units.  (CLICK ON IMAGES TO VIEW AT LARGER SCALE AND THEN PRESS THE BACK BUTTON TO RETURN TO THE BLOG)

The tables and chairs were supplied to provide a cafe type feel, to again attract the occupants to use the space.

Photos showing the completed project.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Japanese Garden Chobham

This is a design for a new Japanese Courtyard style garden.
The Garden is at the rear of an attractive Edwardian House that is internally being restored in a very sympathetic manner.  The deck is proposed to be cedar with an oak pergola over the top.
The Japanese had strong cultural influence on the Architects of the Edwardian period so this is great opportunity to assimilate styles. Click on the image to view and then go to the back button to return to the blog.

My place in the world

Wow! it is so long since I last added info to my Blog site that it looks as if I have been on another planet.  My wife and I decided that our days of living in London had come to an end and we decided that it was time to live by the sea.  Less traffic and agro all round, room to park and a larger garden.  All within a few minutes walk from the sea.  Sometimes it gets crowded on the beach and we meet another couple, but in the main it is just the two of us plus the dog.  This was over two years ago!  Now seems like a good time to catch up. 

So now I had better get on with updating the site with what has been going on at the business end of things.  However I may still from time to time drift into the virtues of country living and may also throw in a few photos of interest.