Monday, December 11, 2006

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Garden Studio Twickenham

Design proposed for a new garden studio workshop in Twickenham. To provide a japanese influenced pavilion building with oversailing roof and decked terrace. All timber construction with cedar shingle roof, larch cladding and cedar decking.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Repair to tree Twickenham

I had to go back to attend to a Cercis that although we had staked it quite high (A method that I normally avoid) had drooped significantly, largely due to not having a strong enough stem and also due to the weight of the new growth. I tried to work out how to do this but largely drew a blank.
I took advice from an highly experienced plantsman and we both agreed that the best thing would be to cut the tree down, pollarding in effect. When I turned up on site to explain this to the client he had propped the tree up with a broom from his metal fence.
At this point I then felt that supporting the tree with a bamboo frame also from the framed from the fence would hold the tree upright, I then balanced the tree out but cutting off some of the new growth. Lets hope that this now allows the tree to grow and mature successfully.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hampstead Japanese garden maintenance

Photos of a very nice Japanese garden in Hampstead that I carry out maintenance of the trees and visit twice a year. I will be carrying out some modification work at the entrance later in the year.

Farmboy leaves the team

Sad to say that the farmboy could not resist the call of the country and has returned to his roots. Probably the sight of this tractor drew him back. Anyway we wish him well for the future.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Design for Garden Nottingham

This is an interesting site, triangular and running uphill. The brief was to create a contemporary design creating distinct areas and surprises within the garden. Providing screening from overlooking from neighbours house. Introducing water, areas to entertain. The distinct view is from inside the house to the tree at the tree and beyond this to the open wooded area beyond.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Garden Richmond upon Thames

This is a garden that I designed last year and due to budgetary constraints we installed the front garden and the decking in the rear garden but held of until the client was ready to complete the works.

The client had a clear understanding of how he wanted the planting to be carried out being primarily topiary plants in painted pots. We are now installing irrigation to the front and rear gardens, completing the hard landscaping to the rear garden including a large granite set circular seating area and installing willow screens around the perimeter.

japanese garden Hackney, East london current photos

We have been carrying out alterations to the 'roca' over the deck area and have added to this a shingle roof to improve the weather protection. I have also added a photo of the garden from a different angle, unusually this is in the sun.

Twickenham courtyard garden update

Sorry I have been quiet with postings over the past few weeks. I have a number of new projects on the go and have been finishing off others. Photos below of the courtyard garden complete apart from the clients cushions that she is preparing.
I cant wait to see the final result and to get some night shots.

Photo's above prior to planting.

Photo's above after planting

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Japanese garden Hackney, East london current photos

My current photo's of the garden now the Azalea's have flowered. Apart form the white flowered plants.

The Moss is not doing to well as the birds have been stealing it to build there nests. We will just need to be patient and wait for it to develop. I am trying to grow some for the future but it is not easy!

The garden is based upon the my clients wifes family garden in japan. His wife’s family is a Saki producer and the family business is “Tsuji Honten” and this is in the town of Katsuyama in the prefecture of Okayama. The house and garden have stood on the same site for over 200 years. So our garden has some way to go before it develops the maturity and ‘Sabi’ of the original. The Landscaped area of the garden is 14 x 20 feet and the whole garden is 14 x 36 feet.

I will photograph the garden again after the Azalea's are clipped following flowering. I will also be introducing some Iris "ensata" and hopefully a cloud pruned tree.

Monday, May 15, 2006

South of France

Well we had a hard working holiday in the South of France. The site was heavily overgrown and we had to clear all the wood that I had cut down last year. We took a chipper shredder with us, building tools and items for the client like new doors, pictures, screens and glass. We borrowed a horse box to carry all the materials and tools.
On arrival we were dissapointed to find that the French builders who are in the middle of building an extension adjacent to our clients land had not completed what they had supposed to and this left us unable to work on the terraces adjacent to my clients house. We carried out site clearance, internal repairs, prepared areas for planting and built the seating areas.

My client is going to use the house and grounds to provide workshops for personal development, art and healing. Therfore we are trying to develop areas where people can sit, meet, reflect and take in the views of the site. To this end we created the seat nestled in the rocks at the top of the site and created a quiet area under a pergola to to provide shade.
While in this area and being very close to Anduze we visited the finest Bamboo garden in Europe, La Bambouseraie. We worked for seven days with one day off in the middle of the period for a break.

You can see below how the site looked towards the end of the period

Area using natural rock formation and new introductions to prepare an area for later planting. We were advised at the local nursery to plant in the Autumn as it was now moving in to the hot period.

Cleared area

Seat made out of one piece Beech bench cut to follow the contours of the rock face

Pergola area to provide shade and quite area for treatment

Boys on the bench

On the way to the ferry home

Monday, May 01, 2006

France working in the Languedoc

For the next two weeks I will be away with the team working in the South of France, on a large wild garden that I hope we will bring order to. If i get a chance i will update the site to show the progress or I will just do it on my return.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Twickenham low maintenance garden

This is a garden that we completed a month or so ago. The space was quite confined as the it runs uphill and is only 6'/1.8metres wide at its narrowest point. Japanese influences are strong in the stone layout and planting. The tall fences are all wired for the climbing plants and will look quite powerful when they are established. The client tells me that the garden looks superb at night so I will be going along to photograph the garden at night.

Twickenham courtyard garden update

Its nice when the decking starts to go down and create useable space. The client can then see the space develop.

We are now leaving to work in the South of France for the next two weeks, we left the site in as tidy a state as possible giving the client space to use. The deck is Ipe and is superb. Hard to lay and takes time to put down properly but the end result looks superb. We fix our hardwood decks with stainless steel screws and oli the deks to add further protection.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Twickenham terrace, water feature and decking

Design for a terrace, water feature and large rock feature. Will look visually exciting.
Using hardwood decking built around the rock. I anticipate the rock will be at least a ton in weight. Should be interesting to instal.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Twickenham courtyard garden update

Fences all up, walls all up, ready now for building decking steps and built in seats.

Home Garden

Easter weekend was spent clearing my own garden. And apart from the fact that we can not clean the York stone paving due to the hose pipe ban it was a good start. The garden had been invaded badly by ground elder and this is a tough and difficult plant to remove. It does not even respond well to weedkiller. Anyway job done for the moment as it was all dug out. It will return, they say that one years growth of weed is five years misery. I will now be dealing with the other problems in the garden including replanning some of the beds.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Kingston upon Thames formal front garden

Formal front minimalist garden

Twickenham courtyard garden update

First week on site carrying out the groundworks and installing retaining wall and perimeter fences. Short week due to Easter holidays and weather variable from sunshine, heavy rain and furious winds. Progress good considering conditions.
Next week we will be putting in the services and decking.