Monday, July 10, 2006

Repair to tree Twickenham

I had to go back to attend to a Cercis that although we had staked it quite high (A method that I normally avoid) had drooped significantly, largely due to not having a strong enough stem and also due to the weight of the new growth. I tried to work out how to do this but largely drew a blank.
I took advice from an highly experienced plantsman and we both agreed that the best thing would be to cut the tree down, pollarding in effect. When I turned up on site to explain this to the client he had propped the tree up with a broom from his metal fence.
At this point I then felt that supporting the tree with a bamboo frame also from the framed from the fence would hold the tree upright, I then balanced the tree out but cutting off some of the new growth. Lets hope that this now allows the tree to grow and mature successfully.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hampstead Japanese garden maintenance

Photos of a very nice Japanese garden in Hampstead that I carry out maintenance of the trees and visit twice a year. I will be carrying out some modification work at the entrance later in the year.

Farmboy leaves the team

Sad to say that the farmboy could not resist the call of the country and has returned to his roots. Probably the sight of this tractor drew him back. Anyway we wish him well for the future.