Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stodmarsh, Kent

If I ever needed to look for a good as to why we moved to Kent, this is just one of them.  Difficult to find but well worth the effort and so close to Canterbury. The place is full of bird watchers who in the main do not seem to want to communicate, as it is a bit of a solitary hobby.  We always take our binoculars ans see lots of birds, not quite sure what they all are.  We did see a Marsh Harrier in the distance.

 Flocks of Lapwings, coming in to land on the marshes

Amazing reed beds that give cover for birds.

This is a picture from one of the hides for birdwatching.

I am using these images as inspiration for me to produce some watercolour paintings.  I am trying to teach myself to paint.  I doubt if they will make it to the blog as it may put off readers looking forever. Environments like this do provide me with inspiration for gardens.  The intensity of solid monotone colour is excellent.

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ascu75 aka Don said...

tHE BIRD hide is well hidden