Sunday, May 28, 2006

Japanese garden Hackney, East london current photos

My current photo's of the garden now the Azalea's have flowered. Apart form the white flowered plants.

The Moss is not doing to well as the birds have been stealing it to build there nests. We will just need to be patient and wait for it to develop. I am trying to grow some for the future but it is not easy!

The garden is based upon the my clients wifes family garden in japan. His wife’s family is a Saki producer and the family business is “Tsuji Honten” and this is in the town of Katsuyama in the prefecture of Okayama. The house and garden have stood on the same site for over 200 years. So our garden has some way to go before it develops the maturity and ‘Sabi’ of the original. The Landscaped area of the garden is 14 x 20 feet and the whole garden is 14 x 36 feet.

I will photograph the garden again after the Azalea's are clipped following flowering. I will also be introducing some Iris "ensata" and hopefully a cloud pruned tree.

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Angela Ozcin said...

What a fantastic, peaceful looking garden. The azalea's look amazing. It has a real calming influence.