Monday, May 15, 2006

South of France

Well we had a hard working holiday in the South of France. The site was heavily overgrown and we had to clear all the wood that I had cut down last year. We took a chipper shredder with us, building tools and items for the client like new doors, pictures, screens and glass. We borrowed a horse box to carry all the materials and tools.
On arrival we were dissapointed to find that the French builders who are in the middle of building an extension adjacent to our clients land had not completed what they had supposed to and this left us unable to work on the terraces adjacent to my clients house. We carried out site clearance, internal repairs, prepared areas for planting and built the seating areas.

My client is going to use the house and grounds to provide workshops for personal development, art and healing. Therfore we are trying to develop areas where people can sit, meet, reflect and take in the views of the site. To this end we created the seat nestled in the rocks at the top of the site and created a quiet area under a pergola to to provide shade.
While in this area and being very close to Anduze we visited the finest Bamboo garden in Europe, La Bambouseraie. We worked for seven days with one day off in the middle of the period for a break.

You can see below how the site looked towards the end of the period

Area using natural rock formation and new introductions to prepare an area for later planting. We were advised at the local nursery to plant in the Autumn as it was now moving in to the hot period.

Cleared area

Seat made out of one piece Beech bench cut to follow the contours of the rock face

Pergola area to provide shade and quite area for treatment

Boys on the bench

On the way to the ferry home


Tom said...

Where did you hide the beer cans for the photo shoot!

Design Eden said...

What do you think the horse box was for

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Who's the good looking blonde boy?

Design Eden said...

Which one?