Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Chiddingstone Castle

I have recently been involved, as a volunteer member of the design team for the proposed Japanese Stroll Garden at Chiddingstone Castle, Edenbridge, Kent.  The site lends itself to perfectly integrate a garden of this nature, as it has all the fundamental necessities, the lake, bridges, the woods and the rolling terrain.  The Castle has an incredible history, far to detailed to go into here (please see link to the Castle website: and has strong links with Japan by having one of the best antique armour and sword collections in the country.

Working with the project co-ordinator and garden designer Marie Jackson.  My role has been to take Marie's original concept ideas and turn them into suitable drawings to present for fundraising.

The proposal includes the introduction of a complete Tea House & Garden that will have views across the lake towards an existing Victorian waterfall and across to Chiddingstone Village and the Chiding Stone.

Part of the Stroll Garden Proposal will be to introduce a new Ornamental Cherry Garden to attract further visitors to the Castle in spring for the blossom viewing.

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