Sunday, November 15, 2009

Brief Garden - Bevis Bawa. Sri Lanka October 2007

These are a few shots of the Brief Garden, created by Geoffrey Bawa in Bentota Sri Lanka.
The garden was at the home of the creator and is without a doubt one of the most simple but pure examples of how a perfect spiritual garden should look.  If you want to see some excellent photographs (It is always grey when I visit gardens) of the garden please look at Dominic Sansoni's blog site and look at the three blind men photo link.  Wonderful!!!

The garden has a unique quality and in style could be associated with great gardens of England, Spain and Japan.  But in truth it has a magical quality that is unique to its own setting.  

  The Garden feature strong architectural elements that create perceptions that the garden is on large scale when in reality it is quite small.  The garden house a number of exquisite sculptures that are scattered around the garden.

 The garden also hosts wonderful wildlife visitors ranging from Eagles to spectacular coloured lizards

The reptile was on the ear of the horse!  I will return to the garden later with more images.


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Dooland said...

The Brief garden was created by Bevis Bawa.

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