Saturday, October 31, 2009

Commercial property London WC1 - Courtyard Garden

2008. This area was added to the add value to a commercial space in central London in order to attract possible tenants by using an open well area at the rear of the property.  The area is a basement area and generally dark so lighting and the use of shade tolerant planting was required.  The planters were all glass fibre and are meant are laid out to shiled the rear mounted wall uplighters and to screen the existing AC units.  (CLICK ON IMAGES TO VIEW AT LARGER SCALE AND THEN PRESS THE BACK BUTTON TO RETURN TO THE BLOG)

The tables and chairs were supplied to provide a cafe type feel, to again attract the occupants to use the space.

Photos showing the completed project.


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commercial property Cambridge said...

Love this property. What are the current rates of this property is there any left in that area?