Friday, April 02, 2010

Working in France March 2010

Well we are finally into what we hope is Spring, although it is still cold.  Anyway at last people seem to waking up and starting to plan for the year ahead.

Last week I worked in the South of France, in a medieval village Durfort-et-Saint-Martin-de-Sossenac and this is in the Languedoc-Rousillon region, and wonderful part of France that is reminiscent of Tuscany, full of Vines and Italian Cypress. 

We traveled through the night  and arrived early in the morning.  Driving in France is so easy as it has a huge road network, apparently the second largest in the world after the USA!  

The terrace area and garden was in quite a state after a long cold and wet winter.  We were told that it had not stopped raining in this region of France since the first of January.  With only three days of working and a poor weather forecast what I could achieve was down to damage limitation.  In the end I got to only spend two days in the garden and then worked around the house, due to heavy rain.  My client lets out the property on long lets throughout the spring and summer and now through high demand will probably also let through the winter.

My client runs courses in healing and well being and also lets out the house, details can be found on:

 I try whenever possible to ascertain the location of wild orchids on the land.  When I first found out about them upon location I surrounded them with stones to stop the local gardeners from srimming them into oblivion, I can now locate approximately at least 10 on the site. 

 The main area was just starting to grow and was not as overrun as I had seen it in the past, however it is still daunting when you have a limited time to tackle the problem.

The stones would look wonderful in a Japanese garden, especially one planned for Ramsgate. I think that I I might have a bit of trouble getting them out of the ground, still I am working on this.

Still I had to plod on with the work and do what I could do in the circumstance.  I didn't take photos of the painting that I did inside the house. Probably just as well as it is not my strong point.

Photos below show the local area.

Well here's to my next visit in October when at least I will get a reasonable amount of time to get things done. 

On the way back home we drove across the Massif Central to visit my clients friends in the Charente-Maritime area on our way home and learned how to play cards again, so in fact I circumnavigated the whole of France in a week. 
View of the mountain region.

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